Wo wir sind


We are in Maella province of Zaragoza. This area of Spain is characterized by a style of simple, cordial and peaceful life, Mediterranean climate, varied landscape and surround. The most popular sites are the Ebro Valley, the Sea of Aragon, the regions of Aragon and Matarrana-Caspe. There are towns like Maella, Caspe, Mazaleón, Calaceit, Valderrobres, we invite you, to explore if you are looking for a self-sustaining natural life style or if you are interested in make a convenient and profitable investment.


In our blogs and our Facebook page we include a packet of information on the subject that will help you to make the right decision.

We invite you to contact us to answer your questions and interests. We love the personal contact and clear communication that makes a business becomes a pleasant and convenient operation for all.


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